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Distribution Centre

Quick Facts

Compound size:
Warehouse size:
Ceiling Height:
Cooler temperature:
Truck docks:
West dock:
East dock:
Trailer parking:
Sufferance Yard
33.6 acres
637,181 ft2 (59,196 m2)
30 ft clear (9.15 m)
4° Celsius (39.2° F)
143 doors total
72 doors
71 doors
150 (secure compound)

Building Security

We have incorporated state of the art security systems as described below.

  • 24/7 real-time audio and video monitoring, indoor and outdoor
  • digital video archiving and tracking
  • door card access throughout complex
  • fully fenced compound perimeter
  • electronic vehicle gates
  • designated security cage for high value storage
  • 24x7 security on-site and in-house security department
  • Sufferance Bond, Customs Bond and Excise licensed

Building Features

  • A completely electric fleet of warehouse equipment with non-marking wheels - no more black propane dust on cases
  • Every truck door is equipped with an ambient seal - improves temperature stability, dust control and security
  • Dedicated areas for co-packing, quality control, materials storage, battery charging, recoup and equipment maintenance
  • 20,000 ft2 refrigerated storage operating at 4° Celsius

Some Important Dates

Dec 2006      Construction begins in Richmond on the facility's first phase
Jul 2007       Warehouse racking is installed  
Aug 2007     ContainerWorld assumes control of the first phase and begins operations at RDC  
Aug 2007     Transfer of inventory from previous Delta and Richmond warehouse facilities  
Sep 2007     ContainerWorld office headquarters are opened at RDC  
Sep 2007     Construction completes and RDC becomes a fully operational Distribution Centre