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Leadership Group

Dennis Chrismas      President

Dennis has worked within the logistics industry for more than 35 years; the first five years in a financial and administrative role, followed by many years in a senior management capacity providing logistic services to the beverage alcohol importers and suppliers of British Columbia and Alberta.

Passionate about the industry and the personalities within the industry, in 1993 Dennis founded ContainerWorld, with the objective to establish ContainerWorld as a service oriented niche logistics provider to the beverage alcohol market place. Today the ContainerWorld team proudly provides international Forwarding, Warehousing, Distribution and other logistics services to a very large segment of the market.

Peter Ilich      Senior Director, Logistics and Supply Chain

Peter earned his Bachelor's degree in Commerce with Specialization in Management of Information Systems in 1996 and was a consultant for a number of businesses prior to joining ContainerWorld in 1998, as an Information Systems Developer. Peter quickly earned a promotion to Department Manager and was instrumental in developing the Company's in-house systems. As a result of his work on systems development, Peter gained an extensive operational knowledge of all Departments within the Company.

Peter has since held several senior management positions with the Company, a testament of his experience leadership style, which is one of innovation, team work and a hands-on approach. Peter is also the General Manager of Siteline Inc., a software subsidiary for the Canadian import alcohol beverage industry.

Tim Seward      Director, Transportation Operations

A logistics professional with extensive regional leadership experience in fleet operations and customer service sensitive logistics, with both privately held and public companies, Tim rejoined us to lead the Commercial Logistics division of the company in 2019. He holds degrees and certificates from Simon Fraser and McMaster University and earned his designation as a P.Log (professional logistician) from The Logistics Institute in 2010.

As the General Manager of the Commercial Logistics team, Tim is focused on ensuring that our distribution system provides a reliable, efficient and cost effective service offering that meets the needs of our customer.

Aaron Chrismas      Director, Strategy & Technology

Aaron has been a part of ContainerWorld in various capacities since 1994. Starting in his pre-university days he wore many hats in our warehouse operation and played a key role in launching our first ContainerWorld operated warehouse in 1995. While attending university, Aaron first became involved with our Information Technology Department as a practicum student.

In 2000 Aaron earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Victoria, majoring in Software Engineering, at which time he joined the Company as a permanent employee. His role began in software development and progressed until he assumed management of the group in 2005. In 2009 Aaron joined our senior management team, responsible for all technology and leads a diverse team of software developers to provide the Company and our customers with leading technology.

Harjeet Kaur      Director, Human Resources

As a founding partner of ContainerWorld, Harjeet has accumulated more than 20 years of general and senior management experience with the Company. As the Company grew she realized that the core of what makes ContainerWorld and Commercial Logistics unique and successful is our people - our most valued asset. As the Director of Human Resources, Harjeet is entrusted to attract individuals with the skills and abilities to meet the high level service expectations of the Company and our customers. In addition to her recruiting role, Harjeet also manages the Company's strategic HR initiatives, oversees our employee benefits program and organizational advancement opportunities.

Harjeet is a Certified Human Resources Professional and has been with the Company since its inception in 1993.

Aleia Nimmo      Director, Finance & Corporate Rates

Aleia has been part of the ContainerWorld team since 1997. With a background in sales and customer service, she initially worked in a variety of different capacities while pursuing her accounting degree. As a result, Aleia has a well rounded knowledge of our Company and its operations. Aleia achieved her CPA, CGA designation in 2005 and has spent the majority of her time at ContainerWorld as Manager of the Finance department. In addition to mentoring the Finance team, Aleia has always been very involved in rates and tariff development and customer service.

In 2015, Aleia lead our Logistics and Corporate Relations Team, which allowed her to combine her finance skills with operations, and her passion for customer service. Most recently, in 2018, Aleia was promoted to Director of Finance & Corporate Rates, leading our financial team and overseeing all rates and billing within the organization.

Brian Lee      Director, Logistics & Supply Chain

Brian is a logistics professional with extensive leadership experience in transportation, warehousing and container yard management. Brian's previous relationships working closely with various forwarders, customs agency, ports and stakeholders will support the Company in its strategic decision to provide excellent customer service with fair pricing mission statement.

As Director, Logistics & Supply Chain, Brian joins our leadership team in leading our logistics and supply chain teams with focus on ensuring that we are equipped to handle all international and domestic challenges. Working closely with the Corporate Rates and Finance team, Brian's role is to assist in controlling cost and rates to our customers. Brian also leads our Inventory Management team providing value added services to our customers in maintaining product availability to the market.