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Health & Safety

ContainerWorld management has the mandate to establish and maintain a high standard of safety in all company activities, to recognize and minimize occupational hazards and to prevent accidents and injuries of all kinds.

Health and Safety Committee

The mission of the Health and Safety Committee is to actively promote safety in the workplace through worker education, incident investigation, hazard identification and resolution. As well, they are to act in an advisory capacity, recommending solutions to health and safety issues to the Company and to ensure the approved recommendations are implemented.

ContainerWorld considers this Committee to be a cornerstone in the maintenance of a successful Health and Safety Program. The Committee consists of members of staff selected by Management, in addition to volunteer representatives of the employee group. Our Committee takes pride in achieving their objectives and in doing so provide our Company with leadership in both attitude and conduct.

Committee Objectives

The Health and Safety Committee objectives are:

  • To establish and conduct regular and effective health and safety meetings
  • To ensure committee members are adequately trained in their role and are aware of their responsibilities
  • To provide sufficient training programs to existing and future workers to ensure the development of safe working habits
  • To effectively analyze hazards, near misses and accidents to ensure adequate steps are taken to minimize risks for recurrences

Role of the Committee

The Committee will act in a way, which complies with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, the Collective Agreement and the ContainerWorld Health and Safety Program.

The Committee will work to identify procedures to:

  • Identify hazards and recommend corrective actions
  • Conduct regular work-site inspections prior to Committee meetings
  • Review accidents, near-misses and worker concerns
  • Communicate with the Company regarding workplace hazards and potential hazards
  • Actively promote health and safety in the workplace
  • Act as safety ambassadors who lead by example and respond appropriately to day to day safety concerns