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Company Overview

ContainerWorld is a multi-faceted, British Columbia, Canada based company providing our Clients with world wide door-to-door logistics services, including inventory management, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. We are a leading niche service provider to the beverage alcohol industry of Western Canada. We also handle commodities compatible to the beverage market - juices, water, confectionary - we strive for vertical market integration.

Through Commercial Logistics Inc., our wholly owned trucking subsidiary, we also provide LTL, FTL and Linehaul trucking services, including scheduled LTL service to 3500 customers throughout British Columbia. Commercial Logistics prides itself on maintaining an exceptional service and safety standard.

Our vision of customer service includes a commitment to technology and its ability to fully integrate with our client's requirements - through information, tracking, and data integration. Our suite of technical services includes real-time customer online access, standardized and custom EDI, and tailored software solutions utilizing our in-house development team.

Mission Statement

To offer the alcohol beverage Importers and Domestic Suppliers of Canada a full service logistics provider, one which considers exceptional customer service, technology and fair pricing to be the foundation of success.

Core Values

Our corporate values are that we conduct our affairs with our employees, our customers and our service providers based upon the following principles:

  • High integrity
  • Close relationships
  • Commitment to service excellence
  • Innovative solutions